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DIY marketing campaign for song releases

I have always been a music fan and met many artists and music entrepreneurs in my life. This is why I thought to write this article about music marketing campaigns.

How to do marketing for song releases?

Well, there are many channels for marketing, that you really can’t control. Like if the song is going to be placed in certain famous playlists or national/international charts, getting played on the radio or even having a proper press coverage. Yes, you can have the right contacts or money to get the chance to be heard by the decision-makers, but this doesn’t guarantee anything.

Still, you must do all of those things, to have a chance to have those things. But you shouldn’t rely on those things only and do also the promotional activities, which are 100% in your control. Of course, they aren’t free, but you can be 100% sure that you will get desired results with your campaign.

I’m talking about social media. As an artist or manager, you have quite many tools in your hands to make a successful social media campaign for promoting a new song release.

Social media content creation for artists

Just like with marketing any other brand, content is the key. If your Facebook and Instagram are passive or full of content, that looks low quality, phony or shallow, then you really can’t expect any results from a social media campaign. So you need to get the content right first and this should start at least 1-2 months prior to the song release.

Here is a checklist for proper content creation:

  • Use high-quality photos and videos. Nowadays smartphones can make good ones, but you need to edit those and have good natural lighting. Think this way - if this photo happens to be one of the hundreds of posts on your feed, would it catch your attention?

  • When making a video, having a good cover photo and subtitles would be good. Subtitles are not needed for music videos, but if you make backstage videos at your concert or behind the scenes of recording a song in the studio, then you should have subtitles. People prefer to read, not listen because usually, we consume social media in public places.

  • Be regular with posting your content. If you manage to make 3-4 posts a week and 5-7 stories a week, then it would be great.

  • Like and answer every comment on your posts or try to do it as much as you can. Also, don’t forget the DM’s. This is super important for creating authentic fan engagement. Show that you’re there and it is not a robot managed account.

  • Make stories. Stories can be anything, but most of all for artist accounts, they should be intimate, direct shots from everyday life. Editing every story and having a sleek style doesn’t work for artists in terms of stories. Also, do not post every random content you make and spam people with tons of stories every day. Less is more.

  • Ask people to share or comment to express their feelings under your posts. Commenting on posts helps to get your engagement and posts discovery for new potential fans to grow. PS! If nobody answers your questions or share your posts at first, then I bet you have at least 5-10 friends, who like what you do and could share if for you. Don’t be afraid to ask.

  • In your content talk about yourself and your songs. People DO care about this. It’s storytelling! Don’t expect people to go crazy about posts like “ me and palm tree” or “me here at the studio just hanging out”.

  • Before you release a new song, make many shoutouts and teasers in your posts and stories about it. Plan the content you’re going to post and see that it would fulfill the big picture story. Always promote those posts with paid ads to people who are your fans, their friends and people who are similar to them.

Make paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube

After you have your content in place for the new single release period, it is time to make some ads.

First, Facebook and Instagram ads

Use Facebook Ads Manager to do ads in both of those channels. It is easier and you can really optimize the cost of ads by doing so.

You should use a teaser video and photo design as bases of your ads. Guide people to listen to your song or watch a music video in the channels you monetize through your digital distributor. You can add links to ads by adding a button or simply writing the url in the text.

Post Engagement ads are the best as it also improves views and engagements on your organic posts. How to make Post Engagement ads? First put the ad content up as an ordinary post on your page. Then go to Facebook Ads Manager and choose Post Engagement campaign, where you use the post you’ve just put up on your page as ad creative.

If your budget is less than 100€, then use Reach campaigns. This is the cheapest option you can get. Target your existing fanbase, their lookalike and also the music genre you’re in. If you have any world-famous or national top artists in that genre, then probably you can target their fanbase, too.

Don’t forget to invite every “liker” to become your Facebook page follower afterwards, when the ad is running.

PS! If you want to grow your Facebook page following, then simply make all-time running Facebook Page Like ads. The content of those ads should be a cool professional photo and 2-3 sentences about yourself. Test different content to see, what can bring the results for the cheapest price. For targeting select suitable country, music genre and the list of trendsetter artists in that genre. You should get from 145 to 330 new fans for 100 euros. This can be considered a good result.

Second, Youtube ads.

There are Youtube internal ads and promotional tools, but for a single release you probably want to use Youtube in-stream ads, that can be made through Google Adwords.

You need a short teaser video for those ads. The video must be uploaded on your Youtube account in order to make an ad from it. I wouldn’t suggest to just make a short clip of the music video but start with a small introduction. Even this basic intro might work well enough: “ Hi this is artist X and here is my new single. Hope you like it!”

You can target specific Youtube accounts, where your ads are shown. So choose all relevant artists and radio accounts there. Basically, any account, that you feel whose viewers might like your music. Please keep in mind, that showing your ads on mainstream artists’ videos, like Ed Sheeran, might be quite expensive.

Don’t forget to let influencers to promote your new music

Use influencers to spread your word. Yes, they probably ask some money to give a shoutout to your song and they need to like the song. But there are tons of influencers on different levels out there. You’ll probably find someone who likes your music and is accepting to share the announcement on their channel for an acceptable price for you.

You can use influencers for Youtube, Instagram and soon on Spotify as they just released news, that they will have stories functionality for influencers soon to boost new music discovery.

Influencers can use your song as a soundtrack of their videos and tag you in the description of the post. Or they can make a story, where they talk about your song and send people with a “swipe up” button to listen to your song or just tag your account.

Don’t think one influencer collaboration is enough. Aim for 3-5 at least.

This is how you make a song release promotion on your own

Growing your social media following takes time just like growing your artist career. Invest in them both. If you don’t feel like doing your own social media promotions, then you can contact us. We will help! Drop us an email:

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