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5 secrets for social media success

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

I’d like to tell you the truth about 5 social media marketing myths. Many entrepreneurs or Chief Marketing Officers tell me those as reasons for not focusing on social media marketing. I want to tell you where those myths come from and why social media marketing is still a very important part of the marketing mix.


1. Sales goals can’t be achieved through social media

If you have an e-commerce business, then thanks to Google Analytics and trackable URL links you can calculate the exact terms, that would bring you desired sales.

For it, you have to see how many clicks from Facebook/Instagram to your website are turning into sales (sales conversion %). You have to look at the numbers for new and returning customers separately as they are not the same. Use trackable links for website references in your social media ads and posts.

Then you can easily calculate how many clicks you need from your ads for both client segments, so you can sell one product.

After knowing this, you have to see from Facebook ads manager how much is your average clickthrough rate.

From there you can calculate how many people you need to reach in order to meet your sales targets. Now you can outline your ads budget, bid cap and ad set parameters accordingly.

Doable right?

PS! Don’t forget to look at your statistics at least once a week to see if your Google Analytics sales conversion percentages haven’t changed drastically.


2. Influencers are useful for direct sales campaign

Yes, they are, but this is not the only reason and shouldn’t be treated as such. Simply because people need to know more about the brand, have more information and the right timing to make the purchase. For example, if you just purchased a shampoo, then you’re not going to try a new one before you have finished the last bottle.

For this, it is really important to show them ads, so they wouldn’t forget to try it next time. With the giveaway or other influencer posts, you’ll drive people to check out your accounts or website. Now you can drive them into your sales funnel through Facebook ads. This is where you start selling.

So what is really important for measuring the success of an influencer campaign is how many people clicked to see your social media profiles or website. You can easily see it through insights of the relevant platform. PS! Do not make collaborations at the same time if possible and you want to understand the results for each influencer separately.


3. Social media isn’t working for my business

“I made an expensive one time campaign in social media and now I have this large number of followers, so there is no point for me to waste money or time for posting continuously.”

If you stop regular posting (at least once a week) on your social media profiles, then you lose all your organic reach. It can even sink to low as 1-2% of your account following. I’ve seen it many times and it takes months of hard work to get the numbers back growing.

Try to keep your social media active all the time, so when you have something important to say, then it can reach people also organically. Organic reach is important as people react differently to organic post or to the ad.


4. Boosting is good enough if you don’t need to do many ads

We have seen, that you should use Facebook Ads Manager no matter how many ads you make. You have so much better targeting options and you can test different visuals or ad sets. If you think it takes too much time, then think about this: you reach with boost up to 10 times fewer people for the same money. Maybe you should just buy in service to get more results for your advertising budget?


5. My ads don’t work for X audience

How do you know? If this is the profile of people who have bought something from you, then you probably haven’t got the message or visual right. Age and interest groups have different triggers for visuals and don’t expect to get it right with the first time.

You should test different creative options for each group. If you see from ad statistics (that thing in Ads Manager that contains photo and text), that you have reached a lot of people (green line), but the engagement (blue line) is poor, then you’re definitely are having the wrong type of ad content. After testing all different creative options and results don’t change, then they really are just not a match for you as a customer segment.


To conclude, things do not work if they are used in the wrong way.

I have proved our clients those myths to be untrue and brought them monetizable results. I’d love to speak to you to understand how our agency can help you. Just write me an email to fix a meeting!


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