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Mari Martin

Tallinn Dolls, CEO

You think you know everything about Facebook Ads Manager until you meet Birgit. She makes it clear to you in an understandable and well-functioning way, so you can see the results instantly. I dare to say that all the other trainings have been just to throw money away. If you want to become a boss of Facebook Ads Manager then this is for you! At Tallinn Dolls we are extremely grateful for the new skills!

Hannes Prits

Estover, CEO

For us, the greatest value is, that NOH Production service is personal and flexible. It is an agency that gets to know the customer and takes into consideration the wishes and needs of the company. We have been working together for a year now and we have seen steady growth. Based on the results, we are looking forward to continuing working with NOH in the future.

Kadi Riive

Gustav Cafe, Marketing manager

For companies with a marketing team comprised of one person and most of the
marketing is produced in house, NOH Production is the perfect partnered
solution for social media posts and commercials. Together we'll do photo
shoots, choose the visuals, discuss the messages and target audience. The
company will be responsible for the timely release of commercials to the
target audience. In addition we will advise, from personal experience, how
to get effective results with a minimal budget. They do good work, I

Berit Osula

AS Mootor Grupp, Brand manager

Lux Express collaboration with NOH has significantly increased Lux Express
Instagram account following and brand awareness. Working with the agency
makes life easier when inhouse resources and knowledge isn't enough. In our
case, we were lacking knowledge regarding influencers on the international
level. Meanwhile, NOH has a large list of influencers. We are grateful for
the collaboration and we move step by step towards the stars.